ZoloBlocks – Page Builder Blocks for Gutenberg


You need just one good reason to come back to Gutenberg Builder. And that reason is ZoloBlocks.

ZoloBlocks is the most advanced block editor plugin that rivals popular page builder plugins in terms of features, user interface, customizations, and ease of use. Built for Gutenberg, the plugin enhances how you should design your websites from scratch to perfection.

Meet your page editor blocks, a good 30+ of them in a robust package.

All blocks come with a detailed options panel and a range of customizations. ZoloBlocks lets you modify the layouts of your content to shape your desired landing page.

Not just that, there’s more. The plugin also lets you seamlessly customize the appearance of each content down to each element, making it possible to get creative with your page content interface.

ZoloBlocks promises the flexibility that you have been enjoying with page builders outside Gutenberg till now. But this time, it’s within Gutenberg. Made for solopreneurs and agencies alike, you will enjoy many benefits of ZoloBlocks-

User-Friendly Interface 👍

WordPress is known for offering a very straightforward UI to keep it simple for users. ZoloBlocks sticks to the same principle and provides a robust interface with familiar options and their naming. The UI is neat and clean to make your page-building journey smooth and comfortable.

One Plugin, Many Blocks 🎁

Aiming to let you grab the most number of features for Gutenberg, our plugin packs a growing number of block features. Ensuring the uniqueness and quality of blocks, ZoloBlocks outperforms the competition.

Features and Customizations

Talk about unique block features. Each ZoloBlocks block can accomplish a wide variety of interface designs with precise customizations for your content. You won’t feel any lack in what you can customize here.

Sleek Design

The plugin is tailored to look beautiful and deliver beautiful content designs at the same time. The neat and tidy design blends well with your workstation and makes you comfortable working on various web projects.

Beginner Friendly Plugin 👩‍🏫

Made for ease of use, the plugin boosts the most stunning user interface across WordPress. You can master ZoloBlocks to design your website within a day. Fingers crossed 🤞!

Amazing Support ⛑

The team behind ZoloBlocks working diligently to bring you refreshing features every week. If you feel any hitch, Contact support 💌 right away. We are happy to go the extra mile to make this plugin the best.

Pick Your Features

ZoloBlocks is not about what we promise only, but everything you deserve. So, feel free to suggest features for this awesome plugin and taste it being developed in the next update. And we always remember to mention your name on the change log. Kachow!

Check Out All Feature Names And Patterns Below-

  • AccordionCreate interactive accordion-style content within the Gutenberg editor for FAQs, product features, or any content requiring a structured layout. Comes with lots of customizations.
  • Advanced ButtonWhether product purchases, sign-ups, or prompting downloads, the Advanced Button block provides flexibility in styling for more user engagement. Just what you need for your site.
  • Advanced HeadingA powerful tool to make your headlines stand out. With this block, you can create captivating headings that grab attention and enhance readability on your WordPress site.
  • Advanced Icon BoxYour solution for adding stylish and informative icon boxes to your WordPress site. Can effortlessly showcase key features, services, or benefits in a better visual presentation.
  • Advanced ImageTakes your images to the next level on your WordPress website. With this, you have full control over every aspect of your images, allowing for stunning visual storytelling.
  • Brand GridShowcase brands, logos, or partners on your WordPress website effortlessly. Create visually stunning grids that highlight your brand affiliations or featured partners anytime now.
  • Business HoursDisplay your opening hours on your WordPress website with this simplistic block feature. You can effortlessly showcase and customize your business hours for a spectacular view.
  • Call to actionCraft attention-grabbing messages that prompt visitors to take desired actions, such as signing up, making purchases, or contacting you. Offers the flexibility and design options.
  • ChartsNow create informative and engaging charts such as bar, line, pie, or area in WordPress easily. Customize the appearance with options for colors, labels, and professional styling.
  • CountdownBuild excitement and anticipation among the audience with a personalized countdown. Set the specific date and time for your countdown, and customize colors, fonts, and styles.
  • CounterWith this block, you can easily present statistics, milestones, or any other numerical information in a visually engaging format that is easy for visitors to understand.
  • Fancy listCreate lists in a visually stunning grid format on your WordPress website. Customize each list item with icons, colors, and text, and rearrange it within a responsive grid layout.
  • Flip BoxCaptivate your audience by creating interactive flip boxes that reveal unique content on hover or click. Allows you to present two distinct pieces of content in a single space.
  • FormOur dynamic Gutenberg form builder block helps you build engaging contact forms, surveys, or any other type of interactive form to gather valuable information from your audience.
  • Google MapInteractive maps for your WordPress website. You can effortlessly embed customized Google Maps directly into your content, allowing visitors to explore locations with ease.
  • Image CompareCreate interactive image comparisons that allow users to slide back and forth between two images to see changes over time. Makes content presentation several times more engaging.
  • Image GalleryCreate stunning and customizable image galleries on your WordPress website. Showcase your photos, artwork, or product images in an elegant, engaging, and personalized layout.
  • ListOrganize and present information in a concise list format with this block. You can effortlessly create lists that communicate key points, features, or steps to your audience.
  • Post CarouselThe perfect tool for dynamically showcasing your WordPress posts in a captivating carousel format. Create stunning carousels to engage your audience very easily and effectively.
  • Post GridWhether you’re a blogger, business owner, or content creator, ZoloBlocks offers dynamic post grids with many customization options, allowing you tailor your grid to perfection.
  • Post listSeamlessly organize and display your posts in a sleek and captivating list format. Empowers you to effortlessly curate your content for maximum impact on any landing pages.
  • Pricing TableShowcase your product or service pricing plans in WordPress as well as customize each pricing tier with price, features, button text, and styling to match your brand’s aesthetics.
  • Profile CardIntroduce team members or individual profiles on your WordPress website for building a team page, highlighting key contributors, or showcasing individual profiles with style.
  • Progress barVisually represent service progress info on your WordPress website. Create sleek and customizable progress bars that engage visitors and convey information with clarity.
  • ReviewReview block you can highlight customer feedback or endorsements in a visually appealing and impactful way.
  • Review CarouselWith Review Carousel, you can create an engaging carousel that cycles through glowing testimonials to build brand trust. Can display name, photo, rating, and feedback easily.
  • Review GridNow display multiple reviews or testimonials on your WordPress website. Allows you to customize the grid layout, spacing, and styling to match your site’s design seamlessly.
  • Slider – *A very stunning and interactive slider block with the ability to add any block within each slide. You can tailor your slider to meet your specific needs and design preferences. *
  • Social LinksEffortlessly connect your audience to your social media presence. With this block, easily showcase icons for your favorite platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.
  • Social ShareEmpower your visitors to share your content across their social networks. Increase visibility and drive traffic back to your website with our user-friendly Social Share block.
  • Star RatingDisplay static star ratings on your WordPress website. With this block, you can effortlessly show customized star ratings for products, services, or any content you want to rate.
  • TabsNow add any content you want to include—text, pictures, videos, or other blocks to each tab item. Create tabbed sections that allow users to easily navigate between content.
  • Team gridThe perfect solution for showcasing your team members in grids and highlighting the expertise and talent within your team, fostering trust and connection with your audience.
  • Advanced SearchWant a advanced search feature so you must need advanced search block.

Pro Features and Blocks 👑

  • Data TablesEnhance your data presentation with our versatile Data Tables block for Gutenberg. Craft clear and structured data tables effortlessly, ideal for comparisons, analytics, or product specifications.

  • Image HotspotGet creative with new advanced interactive image hotspots. With Image Hotspot Block, effortlessly engage your audience by highlighting specific info areas of images with informative tooltips.

Still not happy? Don’t worry, more features coming very soon ….

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External Service

We have used fslightbox – a vanilla javascript library for creating popup lightboxes for images and videos. The library has support for several types of video-sharing platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, etc.

We have used it for our Image Gallery block to showcase the gallery images in a popup slideshow.


  • ZoloBlocks Page Builder Blocks Addons for Gutenberg
  • ZoloBlocks Best Features
  • Most Popular Widget List 01
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  • Why you Should use ZoloBlocks
  • Why you Should use ZoloBlocks
  • Check out our others popular plugin


This plugin provides 52 blocks.

  • Countdown Creates event, offer, and promo countdown timer
  • Profile Card For showcasing team member profiles with style
  • Image Compare Slide to compare between two images side by side
  • Call to Action To design unique and engaging landing CTAs
  • Popup Builder build a site-wide popup.
  • Advanced Image Advanced image customizations in Gutenberg
  • Post List Dynamic post list for any landing page in WordPress
  • Pricing Table Creates beautiful product/service pricing tables
  • Post Grid Customizable dynamic grid for your website posts
  • Progress Bar Display animated progress bar for quick stats
  • Form Very flexible and dynamic form builder for Gutenberg
  • Google Map Show your live business location with Maps
  • Text Path A simple text path block
  • Newsletter Newsletter block for Zolo Blocks
  • Image Gallery Neat and clean gallery block for your images
  • Accordion Creates all types of accordion-type content easily
  • Icon Make stunning content with the icon box block
  • Post Carousel Showcase posts in this dynamic carousel slider block
  • Social Links Display accessible custom business social profiles
  • Slider Create instant slideshows in Gutenberg very easily
  • Advanced Icon Box Make stunning content with the icon box block
  • Business Hours Add your business hours with various content styles
  • Container Most advanced flexbox container for shaping your designs
  • Advanced Button Unlock more stunning button transitions in Gutenberg
  • Charts Creative chart stats to display various data dynamically
  • Team Grid Display your team members with custom design layout
  • Tabs Make stunning tabbed content and stack anything in tabs
  • Star Rating Creates customizable star ratings for any type of content
  • Review Grid Use the dynamic grid layout to display product reviews
  • Notice Make stunning content with the notice block
  • Flipbox Get the amazing flipbox content layout now in Gutenberg editor
  • Brand Grid Display your brand partners with a seamless grid layout
  • Advanced Heading Maximizing heading styles with content & transitions
  • Progress Pie Display animated progress pie for quick stats
  • Review Single customizable review block for your landing
  • Advanced Search Provide users with a dynamic search feature
  • List Best for creating link type and list type content
  • Review Carousel Show your customer reviews in animated carousels
  • Social Share Adds sharable social media links for the audience
  • Fancy list Makes list type content with creative layouts and transitions
  • Counter Add engaging counter numbers to display various stats
  • Text Field This text field is provided by ZoloBlocks
  • Slide Act as a child block for the slider block
  • Progress Bar Item Single item or child item for progress bar
  • Team Child Single item block for the team block
  • Review Child single item block for review block
  • Email Email field block to be used for newsletter type layouts
  • Tab Single item block for tabs block
  • Fancy list Child Single child block for Fancy list block
  • Message A simple text field block for Form Block
  • Single Accordion single item block for the accordion block
  • Brand Child single child item for brand grid block


Plugin Installation Method:

  • Go to WordPress dashboard
  • Got to Plugins > Add New
  • Type “ZoloBlocks” in the search box
  • Click on “Install”
  • Activate the plugin

Installation via Zip file:

  • Download ZoloBlocks block plugin zip file from WordPress
  • Go to site Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugins
  • Select the ZoloBlocks zip file and proceed to install
  • Activate ZoloBlocks

Plugin settings:

  • Please turn on/off required features from ZoloBlocks dashboard (most features are turned on by default)


What features does the plugin offer?

ZoloBlocks offers a range of features designed to enhance your web design experience. These includes customizable blocks, layouts, patterns, drag-and-drop interface, advanced styling options, flexibility, responsiveness and more.

Does ZoloBlocks work with all WordPress themes?

Most certainly all WordPress themes are compatible with the ZoloBlocks framework as the plugin is built for maximum compatibility with WordPress itself.

What if I update to the Premium version?

If you upgrade to the pro plugin version, you will unlock more unique features and customizations. Additionally, you will be able to receive personalized support from team BdThemes.

Do I need any page builder (such as Elementor/Divi) to use it?

No. With this plugin, you will actually replace all popular page builder plugins. On top of that, you can enjoy a similar yet faster and more robust customization experience in the Gutenberg environment.

Does it conflict with other Gutenberg plugins?

This plugin will not conflict with any other Gutenberg or page builder plugins. Moreover, developers are consistently maintaining the quality to ensure no conflict occurs.

Will ZoloBlocks break my site after an update?

As a Native Gutenberg plugin, ZoloBlocks does not break your site after new updates. However, a rare case might occur if the plugin fails to properly update. If you are facing such an issue, please roll back to the previous version and contact support for help.

How long do I get support & updates?

You will continue to receive support as long as the plugin is alive. Also, we promise frequent updates to maintain product quality. So, you can expect a well-scheduled update for the plugin.

Can I translate ZoloBlocks into my language?

Yes, our plugin offers multi-lingual support as a compliment being developed from the raw essence of WordPress.

Can I White Label ZoloBlocks?

The White Label option can only be enjoyed by paid customers belonging to a specific tier mentioned in the plugin’s Terms of Use.

Can we get more widgets in the near future?

Of course. Please expect new features within the frequent plugin updates. Also, you can contribute by suggesting features and your opinions to us.

Can I use ZoloBlocks on client sites?

The plugin has been developed to be used by all WordPress users, regardless of their freelancer-client relationship. And there are paid tiers of the plugin designed especially for giving out client-based web services.

Does the plugin require WordPress mastery?

No. In fact, it might be your first day at WordPress and you are using ZoloBlocks for the first time. Still, you will be able to grasp all the features and functionality of the plugin shortly. We also have documentation, feature videos, and Live Chat support to further guide you.

Will my site load slower if I install the plugin?

Absolutely no chance of slowing down your website. ZoloBlocks boosts a lightweight framework with only fresh green codes. Best thing can happen is that your site will get faster and more beautiful.

Does the plugin provide SEO improvements?

Yes, the plugin is optimized to let you harvest all of your SEO goals easily. With robust WordPress compatibility, the plugin can work alongside popular SEO plugins and makes sure your site ranking is well-preserved.

Will these slow down my site?

Not at all. We have optimized all of these blocks for better performance.


Ebrel 25, 2024 1 reply
The zolo blocks is the best thing for present and upcoming changes in Gutenberg for wordpress, the work you want to complete it with in matter of minutes.
Ebrel 24, 2024 1 reply
Zoloblocks offers a delightful user experience with a wide array of widgets tailored for Gutenberg page building. Its seamless performance makes crafting pages a breeze. Hoping the Gutenberg era is embraced by Zolo!
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Contributors & Developers

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Interested in development?

Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.


1.1.0 – 10-07-2024


  • Icon block added
  • Notice block added
  • Popup builder added
  • Text path block added
  • zIndex nagative value added
  • Theme fonts support added
  • Position sticky feature added
  • Box Shadow control added in Flipbox block


  • Entrance animation confilict with global link issue fixed in Advanced Icon Box
  • The map zoom in/out and draggble issue fixed in Google Map block
  • Floating label issue fixed in advanced search & newslatter block
  • Patterns save as favorite features added in Template Library
  • Image Uploading issue fixed in Advanced Image block
  • Separator color issue fixed in team grid block
  • Label issue fixed in Form block


  • Transform Rotate reset control added in Transform features
  • Dynamic CSS Generation optimized
  • Template Library UI improved

1.0.7 – 13-06-2024


  • progress pie block added
  • template library feature added
  • buttom spacing control added in Newsletter block


  • extra panel styling options not working issue fixed in the Social Share and Social Links block
  • container border issue fixed
  • alt text missing issue fixed in advanced image block


  • Default style improved in Advanced Search block

1.0.6 – 08-06-2024


  • position feature has been added to the extra tab for every block
  • alignment options has been added to the Social Share and Social Links block


  • rerendering issue fixed in charts block
  • preset 5 title issue fixed in counter block
  • tab auto scrolling issue fixed in Tabs block
  • preset 3 hover color issue fixed in post grid block
  • preset 3 hover color issue fixed in post carousel block
  • default style overwriting issue fixed in pricing table block
  • default style overwriting issue fixed in advanced button block
  • global style not working issue fixed in Social Share and Social Links block
  • button text multiline issue fixed in Advanced Search block & Newsletter block
  • separator not showing properly when sub heading position selected to Bottom issue fixed in Advanced heading block
  • icon size options not showing in preset 1 when type selected to onlyIcon issue fixed in Social share and Social Links block


  • CSS compression override issue fixed for WP-Optimize plugin
  • typography control font-size increased 72 to 136 in counter block
  • author prefix text control added to post grid, post carousel and post list block

1.0.5 – 29-05-2024


  • flex issue fixed in Editor for Container block
  • spacing issue fixed for preset 3 in Advanced Icon box
  • Source type input data loading issue fixed in Charts block
  • vertical align issue fixed in Advanced heading block
  • focus color issue fixed in Newsletter block
  • preset 4 responsive issue fixed in Newsletter block


  • Block editing experience improved, you will be able to select, delete, and insert block easily.
  • Assets loading improved and cleanup
  • Charts block improved
  • Dashboard changelog improved

1.0.4 – 18-05-2024


  • Hover background control added to Brand Grid block


  • Box Shadow hover issue fixed to Advanced Image block
  • Border hover color issue fixed to Advanced Image block
  • Alignment issue fixed to Advanced Search block
  • Overflow issue fixed to Brand Grid block
  • Vertical Alignment issue fixed to Business hours block
  • Content Vertical Alignment issue fixed to Counter block


  • Max Width control has been removed from image panel within Advanced Image block
  • Margin control has been removed from container panel within Advanced Image block
  • Margin control has been removed from container panel within Brand Grid block


  • Active item controls shifted from Active Accordion panel to self panel tab in Accordion block
  • Renamed panel name Accordion Head to Accordion Title in Accordion & Accordion child block
  • Renamed panel name Accordion Body to Accordion Content in Accordion & Accordion child block
  • Title tag control shifted from style tab to basic tab in Advanced Icon Box
  • Default design improved in Counter block

1.0.4 – 18-05-2024


  • Hover background control added to Brand Grid block

= Fixed

  • Box Sizing item issue fixed to Charts block
  • Box Shadow hover issue fixed to Advanced Image block
  • Border hover color issue fixed to Advanced Image block
  • Alignment issue fixed to Advanced Search block
  • Overflow issue fixed to Brand Grid block
  • Vertical Alignment issue fixed to Business hours block
  • Content Vertical Alignment issue fixed to Counter block

= Tweak

  • Max Width control has been removed from image panel within Advanced Image block
  • Margin control has been removed from container panel within Advanced Image block
  • Margin control has been removed from container panel within Brand Grid block

= Improved

  • Active item controls shifted from Active Accordion panel to self panel tab in Accordion block
  • Renamed panel name Accordion Head to Accordion Title in Accordion & Accordion child block
  • Renamed panel name Accordion Body to Accordion Content in Accordion & Accordion child block
  • Title tag control shifted from style tab to basic tab in Advanced Icon Box
  • Default design improved in Counter block
  • Default design improved in Charts block

1.0.2 – 06-05-2024


  • Preset 4 layout added to Review Grid
  • Custom gradients colors feature added to the background control


  • Controls UI improved
  • Deprecated codes are removed
  • Style 2 layout design improved to Team Grid block

1.0.1 – 27-04-2024


  • Style copy & paste feature added 🦄
  • Image width, height, max width options added to Advanced image block
  • Button typography, shadow, spacing control added to Advanced Search block


  • Row and column issue fixed to Countdown block
  • Focus color issue fixed to Advanced Search block
  • Arrow position issue fixed to Slider and Carousel Block


  • Controls UI improved
  • Deprecated codes are removed
  • Theme colors and gradients palettes are improved

1.0.0 – 22-04-2024

  • Initial Release