This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.



WARNING: MultilingualPress 2 works with WordPress’s latest version, but is incompatible with the Gutenberg editor, which is available as part of WordPress 5.0 and later. BEFORE you update your WordPress to version 5.0, please read our MultilingualPress and WordPress 5.0 guide.

Exciting news! MultilingualPress (version 3 and higher) is available for Pro users! Fully refactored, based on PHP 8, Gutenberg support, improved UI, and optimized for WooCommerce. Get it here!

Have you ever wondered who is behind MultilingualPress? We are Inpsyde, the biggest WordPress Agency in Europe: building plugins and websites with high-quality code for the biggest companies in the World. Our love of WordPress and commitment to 100% remote work, community, and personal development has helped us grow into what we are today. We want you, a proven WordPress Powerhouse, to help us maintain our high standards and reach new heights of success. Apply now, and let’s build something amazing together!

Please note: you can’t update MultilingualPress 2 to the Pro version of MultilingualPress as usual since this is a complete refactor. We are working on a Migration tool available as an alpha version on GitHub. A tutorial for the migration tool can be found here.

Run each language in a separate site of your WordPress multisite and connect the content in a lightweight user interface. Create a language switcher in your custom menu or use a customizable widget to let your users easily select the desired language version.

This plugin lets you connect an unlimited amount of sites with each other. Set a main language for each site, create relationships (connections), and start writing. Now you get a new field to create a linked post on all connected sites automatically.
They are accessible via the post/page editor screen – you can switch back and forth to translate them.

Unlike most other translation plugins, there is no lock-in effect: when you disable our plugin, all sites will still work as separate sites without any data loss or garbage output.

Our Language Manager offers 174 languages, and you can edit them.


  • Set up unlimited site relationships in the site manager.
  • Language Manager with 174 editable languages.
  • Edit all translations for a post or page from the original post editor without switching sites.
  • Show a list of links for all translations on each page in a flexible language switcher widget.
  • Translate posts, pages, and taxonomy terms like categories or tags.
  • Menu language switcher: Add translation links to any nav menu.
  • No lock-in: After deactivation, all sites will still work.
  • SEO-friendly URLs and permalinks.
  • Support for top-level domains per language (via multisite domain mapping).
  • Automatic hreflang support.
  • Support for custom post types.
  • Automatically redirect to the user’s preferred language version of a post.
  • Duplicate sites. Use one site as a template for a new site and copy everything: posts, attachments, settings for plugins and themes, navigation menus, categories, tags, and custom taxonomies.
  • Synchronized trash: move all connected posts to the trash with one click.
  • Change relationships between translations or connect existing posts.
  • Quicklinks. Add links to language alternatives to a post automatically to the post content. This is especially useful
    when you don’t use widgets or a sidebar.
  • User-specific language settings for the backend. Every user can choose a preferred language for the user interface without affecting the output of the front end.
  • Show posts with incomplete translations in a dashboard widget.

MultilingualPress 2 does ot benefit from free or ad hoc support.

Premium Support

We also offer premium support for the Pro version (MultilingualPress version 3 and higher) to save you time.
You get direct help from the developers of the plugin and support from the development. This also includes support for MultilingualPress 2, but no maintenance is provided for this older plugin version.

Crafted by Inpsyde

The team at Inpsyde has been engineering the Web since 2006.


  • New columns in the site list table for the Relationships (i.e., connections with other sites) and the Site Language.
  • New settings tab on the Edit Site page.
  • New settings tab on the Add New Site page.
  • Plugin settings, including Custom Post Type translation.
  • The Language Manager.
  • Dashboard widget informing about currently untranslated posts.
  • Translate a post directly from the Edit Post page, and set the translation status and Trasher setting.
  • Translate a term directly from the Add New Category page.
  • Edit term translations on the Edit Category page.
  • New user settings for the sitewide Backend Language and the Language Redirect.
  • New Language Switcher widget.
  • Frontend view of a post showing both the Quicklinks and the Language Switcher widget.
  • MultilingualPress is recommended by WP Engine as a solution for multilingual websites.



  • WordPress Multisite 4.2+.
  • PHP 5.2.4, newer PHP versions will work faster.

If you’re new to WordPress multisite, you might find our WordPress multisite installation

Use the installer via back-end of your install or …

  1. Unpack the download-package.
  2. Upload the files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activate the plugin through the Network/Plugins menu in WordPress and click Network Activate.
  4. Go to All Sites, Edit each site, then select the tab MultilingualPress to configure the settings. You
    need at least two sites with an assigned language.


Will MultilingualPress translate my content?

No, it will not. It manages relationships between sites and translations, but it doesn’t change the content.

Can I use MultilingualPress on a single-site installation?

That would require changes to the way WordPress stores post content. Other plugins do that; we think this is wrong,
because it creates a lock-in: you would lose access to your content after the plugin deactivation.

I’m new to WordPress multisite. Are there any tutorials to get me started?

Yes, just have a look at our WordPress multisite installation


Genver 31, 2023
<!– wp:paragraph –> <p>Have to edit this one: error after error, I ignored it because it went on for a year and the site was still functional. But it became worse. No solution found and couldn’t enter my plugin page anymore, only when i deactivated the plugin. Okay, I still worked with the free version, but it hasn’t been updated for 4 years? I guess that would be the problem. Another thing is that allthough i deactivated the plugin en removed it. De 2nd site is still there..and it works with no problems….Magic or…. So sad that it had to be this way..</p> <!– /wp:paragraph –> <!– wp:paragraph –> <p>old review:<br>after spending weeks to get a nice and easy translation plugin for my site, I decided to take this plugin. A lot of work but it is exactly what i was looking for, thank you for developing this one!</p> <!– /wp:paragraph –>
Kerzu 4, 2020
Sorry guys, I used to really like this plugin but for a long time now version 2 (yes, the free one) has not been compatible with Gutenberg. I was hoping for the updates but keeping the old editing console is starting to mess with my other plugins. An the paid version is clearly too expansive. I need to find an alternative now. Any idea?
C’hwevrer 19, 2020
We work now with MLP 3 (paid version) for 1,5 year and this is our experience. The plugin does exactly what it should do. It works with WP Multisite and makes sure it does not mess around with WP itself. Every page, post, product has it’s copy in the other site that represents the other language. Downsides: – their support is terrifying slow, every reply starts at the root a great bureaucratic process. They don’t even look into it before you switch off all other things, create test environments, give access to your site. – it’s never their fault, sometimes after 11 messages and sending triple proof they will accept their fault and then…. you have to wait for months before the fix will be implemented – they do give you a quick fix but every time you update that fix will be gone until they implement it in the core – woocommerce brands for example is not working out of the box, you need a fix file – searching products was only available on title… not very need with 10k products, so we suggested to also search for SKU… this took almost a year to process – when you ask to be kept updated they do promise but they always forget – second line support can take up to two weeks upside – it still is the only good working multilingual plugin that does not mess around with your load – copying a new site when you have more than 1k products never worked for us, you have to manually copy the uploads folder, this took 7 weeks before they admited it and we lost a customer over it Advice: be honost in your customer care and don’t play around. We know how hard it is to deliver, we are in the same business but just don’t promise things you can’t deliver or keep people just waiting. No is also an answer 😉
Ebrel 9, 2019
Great plugin for multilanguage e-commerce. Support staff responds very vast and provides excellent help!
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Contributors & Developers

“MultilingualPress” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


“MultilingualPress” has been translated into 12 locales. Thank you to the translators for their contributions.

Translate “MultilingualPress” into your language.

Interested in development?

Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.



  • Fix MultilingualPress tab does not appear in WordPress 5.2+, see #324.
  • Add multilingualpress.deleted_tables filter to skip table deletion, see #323.


  • Add __block_editor_compatible_meta_box with false value to translation metabox, see #320.
  • Add Network admin notice about WordPress 5 upgrade with a link to the documentation, see #320.


  • Bump minimum WP version to 4.7 in order to prevent issues, see #301, props @lkraav.
  • Avoid error from STRICT_TRANS_TABLES in @@sqlmode, see #302 and #303, props @rebeccahum, @nickdaugherty.
  • Use Union Jack as English flag.


  • Post Translation: Allow for translation of scheduled posts, see #296.
  • Post Translation: Introduce new filter, multilingualpress.is_related_post_editable, for the remote post editing capability check.


  • Redirect: Fix redirection not working correctly (esp. for front page).
  • Post Translation: Fix slashes being stripped off post data.


  • Site Settings: Fix updating incorrect site.


  • Add PHP_CodeSniffer configs, and adapt code accordingly, see #283.
  • Relations: Include scheduled posts in the remote post search, see #284.
  • Relations: Introduce a new filter, multilingualpress.remote_post_search_arguments, to manipulate the query arguments for the remote post search.
  • Quicklinks: Introduce a new filter, multilingualpress.quicklinks_nofollow, to render nofollow quicklinks, see #251.
  • Post Translation: Fix meta box not rendered for CPTs with custom capabilities, see #286.
  • Redirection: Introduce JavaScript-based redirection.


  • Languages API: Fetch the language with the highest priority as site language.


  • Translations: Restrict post type archive translations to active post types only.


  • Activation: Initialize the plugin upon activation, see issue #281.
  • Translations: Introduce a new filter, multilingualpress.active_taxonomies, to modify the allowed taxonomies, see issue #282.


  • Content Relations: Fix always disconnecting the source post.


  • Content Relations: Fix various (edge case) issue around adding a new post to an existing relationship, see issue #280.
  • DB: Always (try to) delete a table before creating it anew, see issue #240.
  • hreflang: Introduce a new filter, multilingualpress.render_hreflang, to force or prevent rendering.
  • hreflang: Introduce a new filter, multilingualpress.hreflang_post_status, to restrict post translations, and only query published posts, see issue #276 and issue #277.
  • Language API: Introduce a new argument, post_status, to restrict post translations.
  • Redirect: Introduce a new filter, multilingualpress.redirect_post_status, to restrict post redirect targets, and only query published posts, see pull request #278, props @diedexx.


  • Redirect: Add optional $args argument to Mlp_Language_Negotiation::get_redirect_matches() and pass it on to Mlp_Language_Api::get_translations(), see pull request #271, props @diedexx.
  • Redirect: Add content_id to redirect matches, see pull request #271, props @diedexx.
  • Relations: Delete all relationship data with the last relationship, see issue #273.


  • Redirect: Introduce a new filter, multilingualpress.redirect_targets, to manipulate the found redirect targets, see pull request #265, props @diedexx.
  • hreflang: Introduce new filters multilingualpress.hreflang_type and multilingualpress.hreflang_translations, see pull request #267, props @diedexx.
  • hreflang: Bump priority for hreflang HTTP headers to 11.
  • Redirect: Bump default value for language-only priority factor.


  • Types: Introduce null implementations for language and translation interfaces, Mlp_Null_Language and Mlp_Null_Translation.
  • Nav Menu: Use Mlp_Null_Translation in favor of null.
  • Language API: Don’t cache translations anymore, see issue #261.
  • Term Translator: Don’t cache translations anymore.
  • Table List: Don’t cache table names anymore.
  • Language Switcher: Make Native name the default Link text option value, see issue #262.


  • Translations: Fix issue with unfilterable URLs in the hreflang HTTP header and HTML element output.
  • Post Translator: Fix creation of (duplicate) draft translation posts on post preview, see
    issue #260.


  • Post Translator: Fix creation of duplicate draft translation posts, see
    issue #253.


  • Helpers: Fix Mlp_Helpers::get_language_flag() (and thus mlp_get_language_flag()) throwing a warning for non-custom flag images.


  • Language Switcher: Fix widget not passing on the strict flag.


  • Assets: Fix assets being provided on pages where they are not needed, see
    issue #249.


  • Installation: Fix Incorrect index name ” errors, see
    issue #246.
  • Alternate Languages: Fix hreflang HTTP Headers and HTML <link /> tags being provided on paged requests.
  • Advanced Translator: Fix saving two posts due to (auto-)draft behavior.
  • User Backend Language: Don’t register module for WordPress 4.7+.
  • Sites: Fix having two active nav tabs.
  • General: Use (get_)home_url() for all front-end requests/URLs, see
    issue #247, props ptrckvzn.
  • Nav Menu: Introduce CSS class for current language item, see
    issue #243, props ChriCo.
  • Functions: Introduce filter for Mlp_Helpers::show_linked_elements() output, see
    issue #228, props dasllama.


  • Install/Uninstall: Prevent potential PHP notice due to deprecated wp_get_sites() function, see
    issue #229 and
    issue #236.
  • Language Manager: Fix HTTP code of Chinese (Singapore), see
    issue #232.
  • Language Manager: Fix HTTP code of French (Switzerland), see
    issue #233.
  • Redirect: Fix priority of language-only redirect matches, see
    issue #234.
  • Post Translator: Prevent potential update of wrong posts, props 082net.



  • Post Translator: Fix translations not being saved, see
    issue #219.
  • Advanced Translator: Fix just-in-place translation not working, see
    issue #220.



  • Fix HTTP redirection even though the user disabled it, see
    issue #218.
  • JavaScript: Fix array check.


  • Fix missing flag for the current site in the Language Switcher widget due to a regression introduced in
    MultilingualPress 2.4.0, see issue #212.
  • Fix stylesheet not being enqueued when using the Language Switcher widget only (i.e., no Quicklinks) due to a
    regression introduced in MultilingualPress 2.4.0, see
    issue #213.


  • Fix incorrect styling due to a regression introduced in MultilingualPress 2.4.0, see
    issue #208.
  • Fix incorrect Language Switcher form markup due to a regression introduced in MultilingualPress 2.4.0, see
    issue #209, props


  • Fix potentially incorrect type hint, see issue #204, props
  • Fix MultilinguaPress JavaScript settings not being available when using minified JavaScript files, see
    issue #205, props kraftner.


  • Overall improvement of nonce usage.
  • Rename plugin text domain, and adapt gettext calls and translations files.
  • When creating a new site, the language is set to the default site language.
  • When the site language is changed, the MultilingualPress language select adapts to this.
  • Improve clearfix usage, props tiagoschenkel.
  • Complete JavaScript refactor, see issue #168.
  • Refactor and improve the post translator’s “Copy source post” functionality, see
    issue #140.
  • Indicate if “Copy source post” button was used, see
    issue #169.
  • Fire the switch_theme action when a site has been duplicated.
  • Fix term relation not being deleted when term is deleted.
  • Fix dynamic CPT permalinks (due to regression during merge).
  • Add filter for remote post search minimum input length, see
    issue #193.
  • Sort remote post search results by relevance.
  • Improve CPT translator: allow translation for all editable post types, see
    issue #184, props kraftner.
  • Use the full slug when copying post data, see issue #195,
    props luisarn.
  • Improve (i.e., prepare/escape) several MySQL queries, props vaurdan.
  • Introduce get_term_by_term_taxonomy_id cache for term translator, props vaurdan.
  • Replace an uncached, direct MySQL query with a get_posts() call, props vaurdan.
  • Lots of
  • Implement selective refresh
    support for the Language Switcher widget.
  • Adapt the Term Translator to the new Edit Tag admin page introduced in WordPress 4.5.0.
  • Use the new network_site_new_form action hook (where available) instead of injecting markup with jQuery. Yay!
  • Delete the according Language nav menu items when a site is deleted.
  • Improve site language(s) on network settings pages.
  • Full JavaScript unit test coverage, see pull request #201.
  • Add the MultilingualPress settings page link to the plugin list in the WordPress Network Admin.
  • Fix hreflang links and headers, see issue #202, props


  • Fix leftover entry from site option included in languages data, see
    issue #183, props kraftner.
  • Fix potentially invisibe plugin activation row on Add New Site page.
  • Run post_name through urldecode to account for non-ASCII characters, see
    issue #186, props luisarn.
  • Fix incorrect ml_type value of duplicated custom post type posts, see
    issue #185, props kraftner.
  • Developers: As we would like to use the official GlotPress for translating
    , we will (have to) change the
    plugin text domain from multilingualpress to multilingual-press with the next (major) release. So, in case you are
    doing crazy things with our translations (which you basically should really not), please be informed.


  • Fix potentially invalid semi-hard-coded paths.


  • Adapt potentially deprecated settings of Language Switcher widget, see
    issue #170.
  • Delete state_modules site option on uninstall, props tiagoschenkel.
  • Adapt Site Settings tab code for WordPress 4.4, props patricia70.
  • Change settings page headings from h2 to h1.
  • Integrate WordPress multisite installation tutorial into readme, see
    issue #178.
  • Hide Redirect UI if the Redirect feature is disabled, see
    issue #177.
  • Fix missing noredirect query var for all URLs of linked elements, see
    issue #174.
  • New setting: Fire plugin activation hooks for active plugins when a site has been duplicated.
  • Feature: Show sites with their alternative language title in the admin bar, see
    issue #110.


  • Bugfix Translation meta box not visible, see issue #166,
    props gabsoftware.


  • Bugfix term auto-selecting, again.
  • Use realpath() for plugin file in requirements check to allow for symlinked plugin folder, see
    issue #162, props jackblackCH.


  • Handle deletion of post relations no matter from what site, see
    issue #156, props kraftner.
  • Bugfix auto-selecting the first remote term without relationships.
  • Improve validity check for table names (don’t be more restrictive than WP core).


  • Merge MultilingualPress Free and Pro.
  • Pass $wpdb object to inpsyde_mlp_init and inpsyde_mlp_loaded hooks.
  • Remove checkup_blog_message() and checkup_blog().
  • Pass original content from TinyMCE to translation editor.
  • Add hooks before and after the term translation boxes.
  • Do not show a translation box title when there are no linked sites.
  • Add Russian translation.
  • Cache some Language API queries internally to avoid duplication.
  • Cache query in get_relations().
  • If specified, always use the Custom Name in get_name().
  • Fallback to site URL when translation query is not strict.
  • Introduce Mlp_Db_Table_List_Interface interface and Mlp_Db_Table_List class.
  • Introduce replace_string() in Mlp_Db_Replace.
  • Add access to invalid column names in Mlp_Db_Replace class.
  • Introduce mlp_hreflang_html and mlp_hreflang_http_header filters in Mlp_Hreflang_Header_Output class.
  • Better table name query.
  • Introduce mlp_translations filter in Mlp_Language_Api class.
  • Do not exclude non-public sites for relations anymore.
  • Better check for separate home page (page for posts).
  • Introduce mlp_dashboard_widget_access filter in Mlp_Dashboard_Widget class.
  • Add Mlp_Term_Translation class.
  • Introduce mlp_show_translation_completed_checkbox filter in Mlp_Dashboard_Widget class.
  • Prevent lost site relations and duplicated languages, see
    issue #78.
  • Add file, see issue #86.
  • Move all feature directories one level up, see issue #84.
  • Improve User Backend Language, see issue #89.
  • Add visibility checkbox to site duplication screen, see
    issue #93.
  • Pass translation object to mlp_linked_element_link filter, see
    issue #98.
  • Fix order when sorting by priority, see issue #99.
  • Add French translation, props fxbenard.
  • Add important features to readme files, see issue #106.
  • Add Language column to the network site table, see
    issue #92.
  • Bugfix all relationships being removed on blog deletion, see
    issue #97.
  • Add missing hreflang attribute to quicklinks, see
    issue #120.
  • Use current blog language for html tag, see issue #118.
  • Do not redirect while doing AJAX, no matter if admin-ajax.php or not, see
    issue #121.
  • Prevent PHP Notice in Mlp_Language_Api class, props iamntz.
  • Save translations as long as title or content is given, see
    issue #123.
  • Use grunt, and refactor and improve assets.
  • Add missing hfreflang attribute for content’s own language, see
    issue #114.
  • Improve Language Switcher widget, see issue #112, props
  • Remove long deprecated filters mlp_pre_save_postdata and mlp_pre_update_post.
  • Improve DB functions.
  • Deprecate get_blog_language() in favor of mlp_get_blog_language().
  • Update language information.
  • Add post slug to Advanced Translator, see issue #119.
  • Show Translation meta box only for users who have the required capability, see
    issue #116.
  • Add post excerpt to Advanced Translator, see issue #102.
  • Update German translation.
  • Add Dutch and Greek translation.
  • Remove upgrade notice, see issue #147, props
  • Add confirmation to post saving when relationships were changed, see
    issue #131.
  • Get rid of an Undefined index PHP notice, see issue #132,
    props deantomasevic.
  • Bugfix no-redirect links don’t properly set session to not redirect, see
    issue #138, props dboune.
  • Get rid of possibly mixed content relations, see
    issue #155, props kraftner.
  • Allow removing all terms of a remote post in the advanced translator, see
    issue #154, props kraftner.


  • Combine all scripts and stylesheets, separated for frontend and backend.
  • Minify scripts and stylesheets when SCRIPT_DEBUG and MULTILINGUALPRESS_DEBUG are not set.
  • Make the icon/flag for the current site available in nav menus.
  • Sites with custom name are now returned in Mlp_Language_Api::get_translations().
  • Better updates: Make sure that site relations are not lost and languages are not duplicated.


  • Fixed autoloading with glob() on Solaris systems.
  • Fixed database error when upgrading from a preview version of the 2.1 branch.
  • Custom flags are now fetched from the correct site.
  • Built-in flag icons are checked on the file system before we return an URL for them.
  • Language switcher widget is now visible for all users.
  • Improved description of the widget options.
  • Search pages are translated correctly.
  • Pro: Table duplicator works with custom tables now.


  • Added links to translations to the head element.
  • Relations between sites are now stored in a separate table mlp_site_relations. This is faster than the previous
    option call, and it is less error prone, because we don’t have to synchronize these relations between sites. The old
    options will be imported into the table automatically during the upgrade.
  • Pro: Post meta fields in poorly written plugins will not be overwritten anymore. We had many reports about plugins
    without a check for the current site when they write meta fields. Now we remove all global post data before we
    synchronize the posts, and we restore them when we are done.
  • Installation and uninstallation are heavily improved now. We catch many more edge cases and switches from Free to Pro.
  • Languages are now synchronized between MultilingualPress and WordPress. When you assign a language in
    MultilingualPress to a site the first time and the language files are available, we set the site language in the
    WordPress option to that value.
  • You can add language links to regular navigation menus in the backend now. These links are adjusted automatically on
    each site: if there is a dedicated translation, the link will be changed to that page. It will point to the other site’s
    front page otherwise.
  • Users who are not logged in will not get permalinks for non-public sites anymore. You can work on a new site now
    safely, test all the links while being logged in, and your visitors will never see that until you set the site to
  • You can link existing terms (tags, categories, whatever) now. We will add support for term creation on that page
  • There are hundreds of other, minor improvements, too many to list them all.


  • Code refactoring
  • New Language Manager with editable languages
  • Rename Widget to Language Switcher
  • Improved storage of site relationships
  • Set attributes width and height for flags
  • Fixed error on plugin deactivation
  • Implement uninstall.php to clean up on deletion properly
  • Simplify user interface in site settings
  • Better keyboard accessibility for form fields
  • Convert text domain calls to static strings
  • Better label texts
  • Missing translation does not prevent translating a post again anymore
  • Post authors of translations are not overwritten anymore.
  • Show current site in widget works now
  • Rework translation metaboxes, there is now one box for each language
  • Rename blog to site in the user interface
  • Update German translation, remove outdated other translations


  • Fix incorrect URLs when front page is set as static page or custom post type.


  • Better data handling during setup of post relationships.
  • Fixed wrong links in widget on the front page.
  • Added a Catalonian flag, the Canadian flag was used for ca accidentally.
  • Removed need to reload settings after adding a new relationship.
  • Copy post meta data and featured image for connected posts.
  • Set preview of connected posts to readonly, not disabled to make copy and paste easier.
  • Show languages in site list in native writing style (alphabet), not flags.
  • Improved German translation.
  • Made all text domain references static strings.
  • Unify hook names. Developers: we will change our API completely in version 1.2. If you have
    any questions, please contact us before you write new code.
  • Added a language list in inc/language-list.php to get languages in native and English writing by ISO codes.
  • Added a helper class Mlp_Db_Replace to update multiple tables and columns at once.
  • Many minor stability and performance improvements.


  • Code: Auto Updater Improvements
  • Code: Fixed Feature Loader
  • Removed link to blog posts on is_home()
  • Removed static ?noredirect parameter
  • Added modern greek as language
  • Added private posts for translations
  • Added parameter handling for mlp_show_linked_elements template function
  • Added parameter show_current_blog on mlp_show_linked_elements template function
  • Added show current blog at the MLP Widget
  • Added hook for checkbox “translate this post”
  • Added hook to change the default meta box
  • Added hook to change the link to the blog
  • Changed admin_url into network_admin_url
  • Redirect Feature: Added better check for session_start
  • Redirect Feature: Added redirect on is_home()
  • Redirect Feature: Added ?noredirect link with core plugin hook
  • Redirect Feature: Added english as browser language
  • Quicklink Feature: Added blog language to quicklink
  • Dashboard Widget: Fixed “This post is translated” checkbox
  • Advanced Translator: Removed default metabox when feature is active
  • Added Feature: Default Actions
  • Autoupdate Feature: Removed autoupdate module from module list


  • Code: Fixed Auto Updater
  • Version: Hopping due to some Auto Update Issues


  • Code: Fixed Wrong Encoding in different files
  • Code: Fixed several warnings, notices and small bugs
  • Code: Fixed Auto Updater
  • Code: Fixed several Advanced Translator Bugs
  • Code: Fixed Post Relationships in Blog Duplicate


  • Feature: Advanced Translator for Posts and Pages
  • Feature: Support for Custom Post Types
  • Feature: Dashboard Widget
  • Feature: Duplicate Blogs
  • Feature: Quick Load of new language packs
  • Feature: Automatic browser redirection
  • Feature: Systemwide Trash
  • Feature: Individual backend language user settings


  • Using local logo


  • Feature: Added Demo Module
  • Feature: Added sort option to widget
  • Feature: Added is_home() to our queries
  • Feature: Added mlp_get_interlinked_permalinks
  • Feature: Added mlp_get_blog_language
  • Code: Fixed Widget
  • Code: Fixed several notices
  • Code: Fixed Buffer Bug in Settingspage
  • Code: Fixed Notices on refresh of the blog settings
  • Code: Fixed Column Content
  • Code: Fixed Relationship Error Notice
  • Code: Better Error Message for blog relationships
  • Code: Constant Language Strings
  • Code: Added Korean Language


  • PHP 5.2 Fix


  • Adding Plugin Settingspage, Code Cleanup
  • added check that prevents the use of this plugin in a not-setted blog
  • Codexified several stuff
  • Fixed Missing Table from external Module
  • Added filter for the list, fixed Style
  • Fixed several notices
  • fixed language key output


  • Codexified
  • Renamed the files
  • changed textdomain
  • fixed fi_FI language pack
  • fixed several widget bugs ( #10, #13, #18, #22 )
  • Documentation
  • Only load the Widget CSS when widget is used
  • added a check box to the editing view asking whether you want to create the drafts to other languages
  • Translation is availeable for drafts
  • Fixed up JS
  • Blog Checkup for invalid data


  • Display an admin notice if the plugin was not activated on multisite
  • Set the parent page if this page was also handled by the plugin
    Issue 2
  • Fix a problem that a new multisite cannot set related blogs
  • Change filter Issue 12
  • Widget bugfix Issue 12
  • Smaller source via use function selected() Issue 12
  • Static value for register widget Issue 12
  • Update Wiki for wrapper functions Wiki on Repo
  • Add new pages on Wiki on Repo for Filter- and Action Hooks
    inside the plugin
  • Fix bug, if you kill data on an blog for dont interlinked with other blogs


  • Exported the basic UI and userinput handling functionality into “default-module” class
  • By default post types other than post and page are excluded
  • Incorrect flags for some languages Issue 7


  • Exported helper functions into own class
  • Code documentation


  • Updated language codes