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GutenKit – Page Builder Blocks, Patterns, and Templates for Gutenberg Block Editor

GutenKit – Page Builder Blocks, Patterns, and Templates for Gutenberg Block Editor


No more struggling with complicated page builders or the need for coding expertise.

Introducing GutenKit for Gutenberg, the ultimate solution for an effortless web page building experience right within the WordPress block editor.

With GutenKit, design your next WordPress website in Gutenberg as you do in page builders. With Gutenberg’s native drag-and-drop interface, 50+ WordPress blocks, 14+ versatile modules, and 500+ templates you can create professional, responsive web content in minutes.

Let’s experience the future of web design with GutenKit for Gutenberg Blocks – design without limits, effortlessly.

Key Features

πŸ‘‰ Finest Gutenberg blocks plugin

πŸ‘‰ Fastest loading assets for icons, fonts, and templates

πŸ‘‰ Perfectly works with Full Site Editor

πŸ‘‰ Native interface for WordPress blocks

πŸ‘‰ Nav Menu Builder for Gutenberg

πŸ‘‰ API version 3 support for blocks

πŸ‘‰ Icon Library with 900+ inline SVG font icons

πŸ‘‰ Draggable container width inside block editor

πŸ‘‰ Copy paste styles across blocks

πŸ‘‰ Global Color Scheme feature

πŸ‘‰ Animation Effects for content

πŸ‘‰ Style Customization facility

πŸ‘‰ Intuitive drag-and-drop functionality

πŸ‘‰ Responsive design for mobile, desktop & tab

πŸ‘‰ 53+ WordPress block editor-supported blocks

πŸ‘‰ 500+ pre-designed templates and patterns for blocks

**Build Faster Loading, SEO-Friendly Website in Gutenberg Block Editor**

GutenKit blocks comes with-

πŸš€ Fast Loading Assets

πŸš€ Optimal Performance Ratings

πŸš€ Higher SEO Scores

πŸš€ Block API Version 3 Support

GutenKit Free Blocks: Effortless Page and Post Design in Gutenberg

βœ… Container: Create structured content layouts.

βœ… Advanced Tab: Display content with a structured tab layout.

βœ… Nav Menu: Simplify WordPress site navigation with a stylish, user-friendly menu.

βœ… Advanced Accordion: Create collapsible content sections on the page and post.

βœ… Heading: Add customizable text headings.

βœ… Icon Box: Insert icons with text and style options.

βœ… Image Box: Combine images with text and design elements.

βœ… Dual Button: Insert paired buttons with customizable styles.

βœ… Image Accordion: Create expandable image sections for better organization.

βœ… FAQ: Design a frequently asked questions section.

βœ…Drop Cap: Style large initial letters in paragraphs.

βœ… Social Icons: Include social media icons and links.

βœ… Button: Insert customizable buttons for call-to-action purposes.

βœ… Blog Posts: Display blog posts in your layout.

βœ… Social Share: Enable easy content sharing on social media.

βœ… Back to Top: Include a “back to the top” button.

βœ… Business Hours: Display your business hours on the page.

βœ… Progress Bar: Show progress or skill levels visually.

βœ… Team: Introduce team members with profiles and images.

βœ… Countdown Timer: Add countdowns for events or promotions.

βœ… Pricing Table: Display product options clearly to drive informed choices

βœ… Donut Progress Bar: Visualize data with eye-catching pie charts for easy understanding.

βœ… Fun Fact: Display fascinating facts in numbers with icons

βœ… Image Comparison: Effortless visual comparisons before/after through sliding images.

βœ… Testimonial: Enhance credibility with impactful client quotes.

βœ… Video: Engage visitors dynamically with embedded videos.

βœ… Post Grid: Visually showcase the latest posts in an appealing grid.

βœ… Page List: Simplify navigation with a comprehensive list of pages.

βœ… Post Tab: Organize content through tabbed navigation.

βœ… Header Info: Deliver key information upfront through customized headers.

βœ… Offcanvas: Optimize space efficiently with a modern offcanvas header.

Utilize GutenKit’s Vast Icon Library, Ready Templates, and Full Access to Google Fonts

πŸ”₯ 500+ Pre-designed Templates

These exclusive templates simplify the design process, and provide a quick start for building beautiful and functional layouts within the WordPress Gutenberg editor.

πŸ”₯ 900+ Inline SVG Font Icons

This amazing icon library offers an efficient loading mechanism, allowing users to access and utilize individual icons without loading the entire library. It leads to a swift user experience.

πŸ”₯ Full Access To Google Fonts

Incorporating a wide range of design possibilities, GutenKit integrates all Google fonts within its framework. Now, you can access and utilize any Google font for text and typography within your Gutenberg blocks.

Build a Stunning Website (no code) with GutenKit Dynamic Blocks

Let GutenKit’s Dynamic Blocks help you bring your website to life hassle-free. With 50+ blocks, you can easily design dynamic and beautiful web pages within the Gutenberg WordPress block editor.

πŸ”· Global Color Scheme

Absolutely! Take control of your website’s color palette with our seamless Gutenberg block editor integration. Effortlessly design cohesive layouts by leveraging the Global Color Scheme feature.

πŸ”· Create Containers Like Page Builders

The Container block in the GutenKit allows you to create custom sections and group content within the Gutenberg editor. It offers a range of layout options, enabling effortless customization by adjusting width, background, padding, and more.

πŸ”· Make Beautiful Nav Menu

With GutenKit, making stunning navigation menus becomes a breeze. You can effortlessly design menus that perfectly complement your website’s aesthetic, ensuring a smooth user experience.

πŸ”· Craft Catchy Headings

Create eye-catching headers effortlessly with the GutenKit Header block in the WordPress block editor. You can craft stunning H1, H2, and H3 headers with a wide range of customization options. One great convenience is the ability to add URLs to your headings which makes it easier for users to navigate.

πŸ”·Advanced Tab

GutenKit lets you create sophisticated tabbed content sections. With the Advanced Tab block, you can organize complex information into digestible tabs. It enhances user engagement and simplifies navigation on your website.

πŸ”· Showcase with Icon Boxes

With the Icon Box block in GutenKit, you can add icons from our vast library without slowing down your site. It’s super quick because it only loads the specific icons you choose.

πŸ”· Highlight with Image Boxes

GutenKit’s Image Box is an awesome feature that lets you display images in a beautifully designed box effortlessly. Don’t worry about your imagesβ€”crop, resize, adjust them on the fly, and style them accordingly to fit seamlessly within your design.

πŸ”· Organize Content with Advanced Accordions

The Accordion block in GutenKit is your key to creating sleek and interactive content. This drag-and-drop feature allows you to create collapsible sections effortlessly. You can organize any content in a structured and tidy way with it.

πŸ”· Off-canvas menu

Now you can design and integrate space-saving off-canvas menus with our Offcanvas block. The handy tool allows you to make menus that slide smoothly into view and ensures easy access to all your important website sections.

πŸ”· Dual Buttons for Versatility

The Dual Button block of the GutenKit WordPress Block editor Plugin offers an intuitive way to integrate paired buttons with personalized styles into your content. With this block, you can create and customize two buttons, while also inserting text in the middle to provide context or information.

πŸ”· Navigate Seamlessly with Back to Top

Enhance the user experience by allowing readers to quickly return to the top of your page or post.

This WordPress block editor feature enables swift navigation for users by allowing them to easily return to the top of a page or post with a single click.

πŸ”· Pricing Table

Showcase your product/service prices in style with our Pricing Table block. It lets you create crystal-clear pricing tables that convert, and highlight key features, pricing structures, calls to action, and many more.

πŸ”· Track Progress with Progress Bars

The Progress Bar block in WordPress Block editor serves as a visual representation of progress or completion. Our block functionality includes a diverse range of templates and styles, allowing customization of percentages, progress, and duration indicators.

πŸ”·Copy Paste Styles

The copy and paste styles across blocks let you apply a stunning design you’ve crafted to other elements in seconds. So, it ensures a consistent and professional look for your website without repetitive adjustments.

πŸ”· Create Urgency with Countdown Timers

The countdown timer block can empower users to create visually appealing and highly customizable Countdown Timers within the WordPress Gutenberg editor. At the same time, it can effectively add a sense of urgency to promotions and prompt swift, time-sensitive actions from their audience.

πŸ”· Animation Effects

Breathe life into your website with dynamic animations. 40+ motion effects are available for every WordPress block and element from GutenKit. Easily add subtle hover effects, eye-catching transitions, or even complex interactions – all directly within the Gutenberg editor.

πŸ”· Showcase Before/After Image Comparison

This image comparison block of GutenKit is ideal for highlighting transformations, renovations, or any scenario where visual impact matters. With this drag-and-drop WordPress block, you can slide smoothly between the before and after comparison of an image.

πŸ”· Content Presentation in Advanced Tab

With the advanced tab block, you can organize information into tabbed sections for a convenient browsing experience. You’ll get pre-designed templates for the tabs, global styles, advanced customization settings, and so on.

πŸ”· Style Customization

Go beyond basic styling with extensive customization options. From layout customization, background styling, padding, and margin to motion effects for each GutenKit block, crafting a unique and visually stunning website with GutenKit.

πŸ”· Visualize Content in Post Grid

Visualize your latest content elegantly with the Post Grid block in the WordPress block editor. It helps to showcase posts in a grid layout, providing a modern and engaging way for users to discover your latest articles or products.

πŸ”· Modernize Space with Header Offcanvas

In terms of modernizing and space optimization, the Header Offcanvas block is the perfect solution in the WordPress block editor. This efficient block transforms the header into an off-canvas menu. Also, it can optimize screen real estate and provide a modern and sleek design.

πŸ”· Visibility Options:

GutenKit’s visibility module simplifies responsive design by enabling users to toggle the visibility of blocks on different devices.

It provides the ability to control the display or hide particular design blocks on any device.

πŸ”· WordPress Block API Version 3 Support :

GutenKit blocks are fully equipped with complete support for WordPress Block API version 3. So all your blocks will function seamlessly within the iframe to provide a smooth site editing experience.

**Full Site Editing with GutenKit Page Builder**

Create everything from page layouts, header-footers, to WordPress block patterns for an entire website with GutenKit.

All GutenKit blocks, patterns, and templates seamlessly work in WordPress full site editor to help you make unique design for your website.

Overall, this WordPress Full Site Editor (FSE) compatible WordPress blocks ensures a user-friendly and dynamic touch to your content creation.

**Upgrade To Gutenkit Pro And Experience Page Builder Features In Gutenberg Block Editor**

πŸ‘‘ Mega Menu Builder

πŸ‘‘ One Page Scroll

πŸ‘‘ Dynamic Content

πŸ‘‘ Query Loop Builder

πŸ‘‘ CSS Transform Styles

πŸ‘‘ Lottie Animation

πŸ‘‘ Glassmorphism

πŸ‘‘ Sticky Content

πŸ‘‘ Parallax Effect

πŸ‘‘ Fancy Animated Text

πŸ‘‘ Flip Box

πŸ‘‘ Advanced Masonry

πŸ‘‘ Advanced Search

Who will benefit from GutenKit?

Here are the highlights of the diverse audience segments and professionals who can utilize GutenKit’s potential to achieve their goals and enhance their digital experiences.

➑️ Website Owners and Bloggers

To create captivating, responsive web content without any coding expertise, GutenKit assists site owners and bloggers to streamlines the content creation process.

➑️ Small Business Owners

Small business owners can quickly establish a professional online presence and effectively showcase their products or services using GutenKit’s extensive WordPress blocks and features and engage potential customers.

➑️ Content Creators

Content creators also benefit from GutenKit’s ability to enhance the visual appeal of their content. With access to the best WordPress blocks library and flexible design options, they can make their content more engaging and shareable.

➑️ Marketers and SEO Professionals

Marketers and SEO professionals can use GutenKit to create user-friendly pages that enhance engagement and improve SEO performance. This can lead to increased website traffic and conversions.

➑️ Web Designers and Developers

GutenKit definitely can save time and streamline the workflow for web designers and developers with its intuitive drag-and-drop functionality and extensive library of design resources.

➑️ E-commerce Website Owners

GutenKit empowers e-commerce website owners to improve product listings with responsive design, pricing tables, and engaging icons, resulting in a better customer shopping experience.

➑️ Digital Agencies

Digital agencies can impress clients with quick and professional website development using GutenKit’s pre-designed templates and dynamic modules.

➑️ Non-profits and Organizations

Non-profits and organizations can effectively communicate their missions and goals with GutenKit’s captivating designs and interactive elements.

➑️ Freelancers

Freelancers can offer high-quality website design services without extensive coding skills using GutenKit’s no-code approach.

➑️ Anyone Seeking a User-Friendly Solution

GutenKit is designed for accessibility for all, ensuring that individuals with varying technical backgrounds can create visually stunning websites with ease.


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This plugin provides 40 blocks.

  • FAQ Faq block for gutenkit.
  • Pricing Table Pricing table block for gutenberg.
  • Heading Heading block for gutenberg.
  • Fun Fact Fun fact block for gutenberg.
  • Team Team block for gutenberg.
  • Image Box Image box block for gutenberg.
  • Container Container block for gutenberg.
  • Icon Box Icon box block for gutenberg.
  • Nav Menu Nav nenu block for gutenberg.
  • Drop Cap Drop cap block for gutenberg
  • Button Button block for gutenberg.
  • Back To Top Back to top block for gutenberg.
  • Business Hours Business hours block for gutenkit.
  • Post Tab Post tab block for gutenberg.
  • Dual Button Dual button block for gutenberg.
  • Video Video block for gutenberg
  • Image Comparison Image comparison block for gutenberg.
  • Offcanvas Offcanvas block for gutenberg.
  • Donut progress bar Donut progress bar block for gutenberg.
  • Countdown Timer Countdown timer block for gutenberg.
  • Icon Icon block for gutenberg.
  • Social Share Social share block for gutenberg.
  • Page List Page list block for gutenburg
  • Testimonial Testimonial block for gutenberg.
  • Advanced Accordion Advanced Accordion block for GutenKit
  • Header Info Header info block for gutenberg
  • Advanced Paragraph Advanced Paragraph block for gutenberg.
  • Advanced Image Advanced Image block for gutenberg.
  • Social Icons Social icons block for gutenberg.
  • Blog Posts Display a list of blog posts.
  • Advanced Tab Advanced Tab Block for Gutenkit
  • Post Grid Post Grid block for gutenberg.
  • Image Accordion Image accordion block for gutenberg.
  • Progress Bar Progress bar block for gutenberg.
  • Faq Item Faq Item for gutenkit.
  • Advanced Accordion Item Advanced accordion item for gutenkit.
  • Business Hours Item Business Hours Item for gutenkit.
  • Nav Menu Submenu Nav menu submenu block for gutenberg.
  • Advanced Tab Item Advanced tab block for gutenberg.
  • Nav Menu Item Nav menu item block for gutenberg.


Prerequisite: Must have Gutenberg Block Editor installed and enabled. For WordPress 5.0 or higher versions, Gutenberg is the default editor.

Installation Process 1:

  1. Go to the WordPress Dashboard
  2. Navigate to Plugins > Add New
  3. Search for β€œGutenKit”
  4. Install and Activate the plugin.


Step 1: Download the GutenKit WordPress block editor plugin.

Step 2: Go to Plugin > Add New > Upload Plugin and upload the plugin file.

Step 3: After successful installation, just click on the β€œActivate” button to activate GutenKit.

Step 4: All Settings will be available in the GutenKit menu.


Why do you need to use a page builder along with Gutenberg?

A page builder like GutenKit offer more rich features and flexibility, which you can’t enjoy only using Gutenberg. Read the article.

Is GutenKit responsive for all screens?

Yes, it is fully responsive for all devices and tested for cross-browser compatibility.

Who can benefit from GutenKit?

WordPress users who like to use Gutenberg will love all the advanced and cool blocks of the plugin.


Gouere 19, 2024
I’ve tested all πŸ˜‰ of block plugins! This one seems like the one which have the biggest number of features in very reasonable price and with really good bunch of option to call it page builder…
Gouere 4, 2024 1 reply
I got an error that cannot load edit wordpress page. This causes my page to have error 500 and execution time for module.php. I contacted them and they released a new version, everything is still wrong.I am a gutenkit pro package buyer but their response time is very slow. 5 days without any solution. Refund: NO, Bug fix: NO. -update- In version 1.3 there is still an error, the company has a solution: refund me.The plugin is now working well. https://ibb.co/MZV6pcR
Gouere 2, 2024 3 replies
Pages setup with a Gutenkit pattern can initially be saved. But attempting to editing them later causes a fatal error. Aperrently, the 30 second execution time is too short. Increasing it doesn’t help, now I get a 500 Error.Update: Folllowing an update of Gutenkit, the issue I observed seems to be resolved. I updated to five stars for the quick response and solution to my problem.
Gouere 1, 2024
Compared with commercial editors the rather limited functionality of the blocks editor is massively improved by adding the Gutenkit Blocks Pro plug-in. Their support is also great and they even responded during the weekend. Definitely worth the money for a Pro license!
Mezheven 29, 2024
During Beta, I wrote to the team on the changes it needed in the UI and suggested addition of few features. The developer is kind enough to heed and implement them quickly. It has all the blocks needed to make a website without all the fancy plugins. Keeps the code simple and gets the job done.
Read all 8 reviews

Contributors & Developers

“GutenKit – Page Builder Blocks, Patterns, and Templates for Gutenberg Block Editor” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



GutenKit Blocks Addon: 1.4.0 (2024-07-08)

  • Added: Align items control in advanced tab block for nav wrapper
  • Added: Tooltip component
  • Added: Overlay, zoom, CSS filters in advanced image block
  • Improved: Offcanvas block
  • Fixed: Background and border transition in container block
  • Fixed: Team block default image height stretch
  • Fixed: Default margin and gap between issue in pricing table block
  • Fixed: Control margin instead of padding in icon box block
  • Fixed: Transition not working in container border, border radius, background and box shadow
  • Fixed: Global transition value not saving
  • Fixed: Transition not working in block background, border, box shadow and transform
  • Fixed: Page settings style control issue

GutenKit Blocks Addon: 1.2.9 (2024-07-01)

  • Improved: Dynamic content module
  • Improved: Swiper nav positioning controls
  • Fixed: Page settings background control not working
  • Fixed: Inner scrollbar in template library

GutenKit Blocks Addon: 1.2.8 (2024-06-23)

  • Added: JSON unfiltered file upload support
  • Fixed: Box control throwing error in specific case
  • Fixed: GeneratePress theme compatibility issue

GutenKit Blocks Addon: 1.2.7 (2024-06-12)

  • Added: Responsive icon size for icon block
  • Added: Justify control in advanced Paragraph block
  • Improved: Swiper speed and delay control
  • Improved: Dashboard buttons for better user experience
  • Fixed: Template library compatibility Gutenberg plugin
  • Fixed: Dynamic color not showing editor properly
  • Fixed: Pages not importing from template library

GutenKit Blocks Addon: 1.2.6 (2024-06-09)

  • Added: Dynamic styles color functionality for all color and background color controls
  • Fixed: Blank dashboard appears when click on edit original in pattern
  • Fixed: Error in template library when switching from non-fullscreen to fullscreen mode in editor
  • Fixed: Review title font size control in testimonial block not working on small devices

GutenKit Blocks Addon: 1.2.5 (2024-05-29)

  • Added: Slash block inserter support in advanced paragraph block
  • Added: Dropdown open animation effect options in nav menu block
  • Fixed: Panel body titles for video settings
  • Improved: Update icon box styles for hover effects
  • Improved: Template library pattern broken and single page

GutenKit Blocks Addon: 1.2.4 (2024-05-26)

  • Improved: Modules attributes and settings
  • Fixed: Template library cropped when fullscreen mode is disabled
  • Fixed: Container transform issue with multi-labels and some blocks
  • Fixed: Heading block focused text hover color issue

GutenKit Blocks Addon: 1.2.3 (2024-05-20)

  • Improved: Icon alignment styles and spacing in icon block
  • Fixed: Container transition issue
  • Fixed: Advance background size control not working on hover
  • Fixed: Swiper arrow value float option and SVG support
  • Fixed: Advanced image opacity value range issue
  • Fixed: Showing blocks by entering slash not working in advanced paragraph blocks

GutenKit Blocks Addon: 1.2.2 (2024-05-08)

  • Added: New layout in testimonial block
  • Fixed: Transition issue in team block
  • Fixed: Advanced tab block shadow issue
  • Fixed: Icon box wrapper padding
  • Improved: Transition effect in container block
  • Improved: Button and popup notice in dashboard
  • Improved: Changelog drawer in dashboard

GutenKit Blocks Addon: 1.2.1 (2024-04-30)

  • Fixed: Advanced image block lightbox issue
  • Fixed: Profile card image selector in team block
  • Improved: Blog post block improvement

GutenKit Blocks Addon: 1.2.0 (2024-04-28)

  • Added: Compatibility for theme typography
  • Added: Compatibility for getDeviceType
  • Fixed: Non block theme assets loading issue
  • Fixed: Profile card image selector in team block
  • Fixed: External link styling in heading block
  • Fixed: Refactor GkitBoxControl component in index.js add ‘px’ unit (first time)
  • Fixed: Assigned a value to ‘ParentBlock’ in ‘edit.js’ for the advanced accordion block
  • Improved: Nav menu UX
  • Improved: Added gradient color for icon background
  • Improved: Width control in header image for pricing block
  • Improved: Truncate character for breadcrumb block
  • Improved: Dashboard popup and blocks badge
  • Improved: Update blocks and module icons
  • Improved: Icon library UX/UI

GutenKit Blocks Addon: 1.1.0 (2024-04-07)

  • Added: PHP 8.2 compatibility
  • Fixed: Social icon block issue
  • Fixed: Team block issue
  • Fixed: Icon block box control issue
  • Fixed: Advance image block custom url issue
  • Improved: Template library
  • Improved: Icon library modal
  • Improved: Blocks loading
  • Improved: Image box block
  • Improved: Blocks & module icons
  • Improved: Advanced url component

GutenKit Blocks Addon: 1.0.1 (2024-03-10)

  • Added: Width control in the pricing table block
  • Added: Custom icon set for Gutenkit
  • Added: Background image control in the offcanvas block
  • Improved: Styling and onboarding experience in the dashboard
  • Improved: Loading of modules
  • Improved: Design and hierarchy of block controls
  • Improved: Advanced paragraph block controls

GutenKit Blocks Addon: 1.0.0 (2024-03-04)

  • Initial stable release