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Do you want to build high quality animations and pages but you struggle with low performance on google tests with popular page builder? Greenshift will take care of this.

Plugin doesn’t use predefined styles, frameworks, icon fonts and script libraries. Every asset is generated on fly and loaded only when you use it. In the same time, plugin has very unique blocks and animation possibilities to surprise your visitors with high-end animations and transitions. You can build styles like on top awarded sites without any code knowledge.

Check out Greenshift block gallery


✅ Ready library of sections and layouts with FSE support
✅ SVG shape libraries. Add extended formating to each block or animated dividers
✅ Advanced containers and Rows. Control every aspect of align, spacing, position, flexible position, responsive up to 4 breakpoints, flexbox and css grid options.
✅ Advanced position control. You can set css position via CSS transform, position or margins.
✅ Mobile smart scroll for sections. Turn your regular columns and blocks to scrollable items on mobiles or carousels.
✅ Advanced sliders and tabs. Make any kind of content as carousel/slider/tabs. Convert regular gallery to advanced 3d slider
✅ Extended background options (color/gradient/videos) and overlays with hover transitions.
✅ CSS scroll animations and hover transitions without libraries.
✅ AR/VR 3d viewer block and Spline3d block.
✅ Dynamic blocks: animated headlines, countdown, counters, videos, tabs, togglers, Table of content, progress bars etc.
✅ Easily control all options for separate resolutions
✅ Parent Hover transitions and background animations
✅ Up to 3 shadows for making 3d design effects
✅ Custom side and dropdown slide panels, popup builder
✅ Local font, GDPR ready
✅ Figma CSS to block design convertion
✅ Reusable styles (global styles)


With Greenshift’s features, you can create complex pages and animations without code skills and directly inside core editor. Add spacing, positioning, css transform, shadows, borders like you can’t do in any other page builder. Use Shadow presets, hover transition presets, overlay transitions, infinite css animations, Headline Effects, Custom Animations, Gradient Backgrounds, Shape Dividers, parental transitions and many more.

To view some unique options, visit feature page.


Mobile traffic is even more than desktop nowadays, and Greenshift has everything to make your mobile web design better. It provides 4 custom breakpoints, preview mode and possibility to add different values per each resolution. All blocks have special optimized mobile layouts. Also, you can shift your regular columned design to smart scroll on mobiles to generate Application-style design.


We understand that you may want to keep your current page editor, but in the same time you want to use some features from Greenshift. For this purpose, we added possibility to convert blocks and pages to shortcode. You can use them directly in your plugin or custom pages. And even more, we added possibility to load blocks dynamically when they are in view, or by click/hover. This can save page perfomance on heavy pages.

Highest web vitals score

We believe that Greenshift is most optimized plugin for web vitals. It’s because plugin uses unique conditional asset loading. All blocks are divided on style chunks which are loaded only when you use them on page. All dynamic libraries have no jquery dependencies. All styles are loaded inline in head section of page to prevent CLS and incompatibilities with cache plugins. Reusable blocks, Widget and Template environments are supported.


All our core features are free and will be free always. We don’t sell any premium versions and don’t limit functionality. In the same time, you may be interesting in extra blocks depending on your type of site. Check full list of addon’s blocks for wordpress


You can add any custom animation in core version, but Animation addon will give you more options based on popular GSAP library. Custom parallaxes, different triggers for animations (scroll, hover, click, stagger, batch), controll interpolation with scroll, Pin blocks while scroll, make Smooth flip between states, use Smart Lottie loader, add animated blobs, reveals, mouse interactions, animation chains and connections, text and svg animations, image sequences and video loaders. Use Rive block to add Rive scenes and our special API to connect dynamic site values and Rive.


Query addon is usefull if you want to extend dynamic functionality. It has a lot of ready patterns for query loop block, you can customize and extend each of them with special Meta getter block (use to get and show any values from custom field, ACF, ToolSet or taxonomy meta), wishlist block, thumbs and hot counter. Visibility block allows you to show/hide content based on different filters (category, tags, taxonomy, custom field value, user roles, detection of current category). Advanced listing builder helps you to build directory listings. Query Builder allows you to build any kind of design for CPT loops and carousels.


We have very long 10 year story of developing different tools for affiliate, review, comparison sites. In coordination with best affiliate professionals and bloggers, we built set of special, highly conversion blocks to earn more profit from your sites. Link parser helpers, offer blocks, comparison and versus tables, listings, score and review boxes, woocommerce boxes. All blocks have special mobile layouts.


  • Smart Scroll. Turn any elements or columns to scrollable/carousel block for mobiles
  • Fast CSS grid. Use smart css grid container if you need perfectly aligned equal height columns
  • Flexible Container. Use FlexBox options to align elements perfectly
  • Advanced Sliders and Carousels. Add custom slider to any blocks. Convert galleries to sliders
  • Shape dividers. Select predefined shapes, control color, gradient, animation
  • Css 3d transformations. Add any kind of css transformations, including 3d effect
  • Sliding panels, popups. Build custom sliding panels, add any block, use for mega menus


Extract the zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from Plugins page.


Does GreenShift work with all the themes?

Greenshift works with all themes that follow the coding standards of WordPress. But we recommend to use Gutenberg optimized themes and FSE themes.

Can it be used inside other page builders?

You can create templates in Reusable template section and plugin will create shortcode for template. You can use this shortcode in any other page builders and areas which are not controlled by Gutenberg editor

Does it work with other WordPress Gutenberg plugins?

Yes, all codes are block based, so you can combine it with other plugins and blocks.

Do I need to know how to code?

No! Greenshift uses most modern functionality for browsers, but it has visual UI to control everything via editor. In the same time, there is Custom Css option which you can use to add custom code if you need it.

Can I get 100 web vitals score?

Yes, we guarantee that Greenshift is built on top of google recommendations and you can build even complex pages and keep 100 score on mobiles (in cases if you have optimized theme, good hosting and not overloaded page).


Mezheven 25, 2023
GreenshiftWP is a game-changing plugin that revolutionizes the way you design your WordPress website. With its user-friendly interface and extensive customization options, GreenshiftWP empowers you to create a unique online presence effortlessly. This powerful tool takes care of optimization and performance behind the scenes, ensuring an exceptional user experience for your visitors.
Mezheven 22, 2023
This is something amazing! Greenshift is the best thing that happened to WordPress lately 🙂
Mezheven 22, 2023
Five stars are not enough to express my complete admiration and satisfaction for the Greenshift Animations and Page Builder for WordPress both plugin and theme. As a tech enthusiast and WordPress user, I've encountered countless plugins and themes, but this combo stands alone on a pedestal of excellence. The coding quality of both the theme and plugin is genuinely remarkable, reflecting the passion, skills, and dedication of the Greenshift team. The high-quality code not only makes them robust and reliable but also incredibly efficient. I was blown away by how this combo remarkably reduced the page load speed of my site. In a digital age where every millisecond matters, this quality can't be understated. The Greenshift Animations part of the combo brings a new level of dynamism to site design. The beautifully crafted animations breathe life into the content, transforming the user experience from a mere visit to an engaging journey. On the other hand, the Page Builder breaks down the walls of complexity that often barricade the path to an intuitive website creation experience. Even for someone who doesn't have an advanced understanding of website design, this tool was impressively user-friendly. The real hero behind these outstanding products is undoubtedly the team that has developed them and provides unwavering support. I cannot express enough gratitude for their patience, professionalism, and swift response to my queries. They've proven time and again that they don't just sell products, but they're committed to ensuring a seamless user experience - a trait that is as rare as a diamond in a coal mine. To the entire Greenshift team, thank you for creating and nurturing such fantastic digital tools. You've managed to elevate the landscape of WordPress plugins and themes, and I'm thrilled to have stumbled upon your work. All in all, the Greenshift Animations and Page Builder have set the gold standard for WordPress plugins and themes, making the once-strenuous task of web design a breeze. This combo has reshaped my web journey, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone eager to create an efficient, dynamic, and captivating online presence. Disclaimer: I'm not an employee of Greenshift, just an incredibly satisfied user.:))) 😃
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  • Added: Counter block has options for extended typography and sizing
  • Added: Css transform indicator for each state
  • Fix: some issues related to migration to API 3


  • Fix: position panel bug


  • Added: Better synchronization between Mobile preview option from WordPress and Greenshift mobile preview
  • Added: Improvements in width option of Column + migration to API 3 for Rows and Columns
  • Added: Popup block supports also Query builder and dynamic popups
  • Fix and updates: Inner Container flexbox option fixes for Flexbox and css grid


  • Added: Ken Burns quick effect panel for Slider block
  • Added: Options to control design of scrollbar in Smart scroll feature
  • Added: css transition added automatically if it’s empty while adding css transform values
  • Added: Dynamic button label placeholders
  • Added: Icon transition effects for Button
  • Fix: column gap for mobiles
  • Fix: custom z index for popup
  • Fix: Video dynamic url doesn’t require fallback
  • Change: Breaking change in Container structure + fix for Firefox bug in Flipbox
  • Fix: Selection bug in List block


  • Fix: for php notices in admin
  • Added: Border radius has option to set different units for each corner
  • Fix: Css transform pointer events


  • Fix: for wrong absolute position inside columns and other


  • Added: Support for deep nested array values in repeater builder
  • Added: Pointer events option for CSS transform panel


  • Added: Video can have custom icon for overlay + button fix


  • Added: better Button icon hover and transitions, fix for Vimeo videobox


  • Added: better way to load global styles for WP 6.3
  • Added: Updated section library component
  • Added: Improved Dynamic Video feature


  • Added: toolbar improvements for row, section, headings


  • Fixes: reported by users


  • Added: Visual Builder for Row block
  • Added: JSON style for Map block
  • Fixed: SVG icon picker


  • Added: Visual css grid builder for FSE


  • Added: Improved Spacing panel (separate units, preset support)
  • Added: Visual design builder improvements (spacing top and bottom, visual position drag, resize drag, visual border radius drag, fast typography and colors)
  • Added: SVG image to svg code conversion in icon picker
  • Added: Better custom order for columns
  • Added: Visual Css grid builder
  • Added: Slider has option to use image as background
  • Added: Blocksy theme V2 support
  • Added: Blocksy theme sticky header and popup Active state options for css transform panel
  • Added: Better variation names in Inspector
  • Fix: core font size presets for some blocks


  • Added: Color picker supports variables


  • Fix: Accessibility options for Container link for images
  • Fix: Images use Lazyload in FSE templates by default
  • Added: Slides can have anchors in Slider block
  • Added: Popup/Sliding panels support dynamic content


  • Fix: Accessibility options for Iconbox block


  • Fix: column gap sometimes breaks blocks


  • Added: Clip animation presets
  • Added: 3d block and Splide 3d support Dynamic data


  • Added: Updated Slider options (Wheel, Keyboard, Snapping, custom pagination)
  • Added: Updated CSS transform panel with new Active state options (used to add animations in sliders, tabs, flipbox, etc)
  • Added: Flexbox controls in toolbar
  • Added: Ajax add to cart button with inputs and variation swatches for Wholesale sites Woocommerce
  • Added: New Woocommerce plan


  • Added: Dynamic fields option for Countdown block
  • Added: Start date, removal on expiration for Countdown block
  • Added: Countdown block can be used for Woocommerce sale countdown
  • Added: Click for pagination, option to enable autoplay after interactions for Slider block.


  • Added: Support for Gutenberg plugin
  • Added: Slider options: clickable dots, restore autoplay after user interaction


  • Added: Advanced Background Size and background Size hover options for all blocks
  • Added: Icon picker has separate width and height option
  • Added: Countdown has no limits in days
  • Added: Automatic separator for big values in Counter Block
  • Added: Custom code areas for head and footer
  • Added: FSE template export will export also Woocommerce custom templates (if you use Greenshift theme)
  • Fix: unremovable 0 value for some fields


  • Added: Sliders synchronization option
  • Added: FSE template, reusable template, Greenshift settings and styles Import/Export options


  • Added: TypeWriter effect for Advanced heading block



  • Added: Videobox supports Youtube shorts
  • Added: Sliding panel/popup has Modal type (uses dialog tags)
  • Added: Gallery block supports collapsing to slider for mobiles


  • Added: Background and color options for TOC block


  • Fixes: gradient for background, border radius for videos
  • Added: Visibility Panel for blocks (requires Query addon)


  • Added: Aspect ratio option for VideoBox
  • Added: Tabs reorder option
  • Added: Min/max values for variable sizing
  • Added: Some fixes from reports


  • Added: Custom Fluid typography for presets
  • Added: Option to set Custom default styles for blocks


  • Added: Aspect ratio option for Sizing and custom Fluid typography


  • Added: option to set custom selector for trigger sliding panel, popup


  • Added: Spline3D WordPress block
  • Added: Accessibility options for Sliding panel, toggler, social share buttons
  • Fix: some issues when using duplicate button in some scenarios when blocks have the same styles
  • Fix: child containers for Flexbox have Order option
  • Added: improvements in Slider script, added support for custom breakpoints and pause on autoplay for hover


  • Added: Theme palette colors now uses variables instead flat colors
  • Added: Map field supports FSE template creation environment
  • Added: Accessibility labels for Button block
  • Added: Accordion script supports ajax render
  • Added: Repeater block (in Query Addon)


  • Added: variable width detection for Row in Greenshift theme (plugin will use Wide width option which you can set in global Style editor)
  • Added: Custom icon option for accordion
  • Added: Right side option for Vertical tabs and increased width value
  • Added: Option to place popup on top of page (useful if you have long forms in popup)
  • Added: Color picker in Color component
  • Added: Refreshed Typography options
  • Added: Map block and Dynamic Map option
  • Added: Dynamic Label option for Button block
  • Added: Transform origin point for css transformations
  • Added: Reusable style feature will clean local styles when you add or update reusable style to block
  • Fix: some scenarios when Gutenberg plugin and Background options are not compatible


  • Added: Performance improvements in style saving editor function


  • Added: Progress bar has new Circle Style type
  • Added: Dynamic fields for progress bar
  • Added: Dynamic fields for counter
  • Added: Option to retrieve values from multidimensional arrays in dynamic fields


  • Added: Gallery block for Query addon


  • Added: Option to reorder Advanced lists
  • Added: New Price table patterns
  • Added: Videobox lightbox improvements


  • Added: Updated Sizing Panel with variable width, height features
  • Added: Custom css grid template
  • Added: Variable font weight options for Advanced typography options
  • Added: Refreshed UI for better matching with core WordPress and popular WP themes
  • Added: Security improvements for shortcode rendering


  • Added: Custom Border options for Slider arrows


  • Added: Library for Site editor


  • Added: Title option to Advanced list links for better accessability
  • Added: Overflow auto option for Spacing panel


  • Added: Animation panel has improved GSAP options with all basic transformations, scroll interpolation and triggers (this still requires Animation addon)
  • Added: Switcher block
  • Added: Option to enable script delay for maximum web vitals score on pages with high amount of scripts How to get 100 web vitals score on highly animated pages
  • Added: Wireframe Library of patterns
  • Added: Dynamic option for TOC block (for using in reusable templates)
  • Added: more predefined icons for Icon Picker and some improves in UI


  • Added: TOC sticky panel has option to set breakpoint for collapsing
  • Added: Trigger start, end, infinite animation options for Quick Animation panel in GSAP
  • Fix: Fixed outside heading option for subtitle


  • Added: Reusable ajax loading on hover uses click trigger if used on mobiles
  • Added: Position and Resize quick toolbar buttons are working in FSE now


  • Added: Custom decimal values allows in spacing panel
  • Added: Reusable style Change/Remove selector has preselected class if you used it early


  • Added: Vertical mode to Advanced typography component
  • Added: Tabs support inner tabs


  • Added: CSS grid has up to 16 columns


  • Added: CSS grid and Flexbox has option to control flex and grid parameters in each child Container separately Overview of CSS grid control


  • Added: Advanced list have option to enable columns


  • Added: Security improvements and image block fix for scenarios when image size is not available


  • Added: Margin auto switcher to spacing options


  • Added: Additional Size panel for Rows.
  • Added: Skew options for CSS transforms
  • Added: Post link Post processor for Meta getter block
  • Added: Cookie option for visibility block


  • Added: Improved Size panel. Added size panel to Advanced heading, text, container blocks


  • Fix: fix widget notices and border radius issues


  • Added: Responsive control to border radius
  • Added: Postfix to Counter block
  • Added: Removed redundant outline borders and toolbars on column and container hovers in editor when you hover on child element


  • Added: Mailto links data type for Meta getter block
  • Added: Completely overwritten Custom Gap option for Row
  • Added: Option to set Subheading outside Heading tag
  • Added: Circle heading is recounting all numbers in post when you add new circle heading block
  • Added: How to integrate theme in Greenshift
  • Fix: some fixes in Copy style feature
  • Fix: not saving presets and styles on some hostings


  • Added: Date field support for Meta getter
  • Added: Better Size units for icon picker, letter spacing, width, height
  • Added: Support for new Greenshift Woocommerce addon


  • Added: Better Astra theme integration (row width fix, UI fixes, button color inheritance)
  • Added: Copy style option for countdown block


  • Added: Custom font style option for typography panel
  • Added: Clean color option for icon picker (this will allow to use reusable styles for icon colors)
  • Added: Image scale (object fit and focal point) to image block
  • Added: Image block has Dynamic fields. But if you use Query loop builder, please, use Dynamic Post Image instead


  • Added: Padding option for sliding panel and better mobile closing button point
  • Added: Support for reusable style option to columns
  • Added: Default button styles and icon colors are inherited from Blocksy theme (if you use it)
  • Added: Fix for Animated shape dividers
  • Added: Custom cursor option for typography panel


  • Added: New Reusable styles system Please, check demo
  • Added: Alt for Svg images
  • Added: More options for Accordion block
  • Added: Content background for Tab block
  • Added: Fix for Animated headings with loader type
  • Added: Transformation from core list to Advanced list
  • Added: AOS animation library was replaced by extra light Intersection Observer library
  • Added: Exit intent popup has option to show it only once


  • Added: Figma Css to Attribute Converter (Find it in Toolbar – Style icon – Convert css to attributes)
  • Added: Separate Row and Column Gap for Flexbox
  • Added: More units to line height
  • Added: Lazy load for heading and text Image mask
  • Added: Option to disable background image on separate resolutions


  • Added: Addons page and some slider improvements


  • Added: Localization files + improvements for margin, gap in Flexbox
  • Added: Background Lazy Load option for Containers, Rows and Columns
  • Added: parent hover class for icon picker, border, sub title in heading, improved detection of parent container class
  • Updated: Freemius framework is removed. Please, check important message about addon update
  • Fix: responsive options of Shape divider


  • Added: Breakpoint option for smart scroll in container
  • Added: Removing default color from Icon will set currentColor value which allows to inherit color from parent container


  • Added: Dynamic Link option to Container Link
  • Added: Parent Hover class option to shadow


  • Column order option for CSS grid and some fixes


  • Added distributed gap option for custom column gap
  • Cleaning repeated body tag from styles
  • Added Reset button for Panels
  • Added option to select ul li tags for advanced lists
  • Added name options for links in Container and Video Iframe for screen readers
  • Dynamic fields for Text, Heading, Button, Video and Background options (Required to have Query addon)
  • Improved Meta getter block and Query Loop Builder (Required to have Query addon)
  • Slider Query block (Required to have Query addon)
  • Counter block starts to count only when element is in view
  • Lazy load option for Overlay image and Video Overlay
  • Option to disable lazy load for image block
  • Option for sliding panels and popup to place panel block in footer to fix z-index problems


  • Added stretch option to tabs
  • Added button for quick parent class detector for hover transitions
  • Mobile options shows details of desktop options in scenarios when they are empty


  • Added variable width option for Content width in Row
  • Added auto inheritance for Content Width of Row from themes (Blocksy, Kadence, Astra). GeneratePress, Rehub, BlockPress have the same default width as Row so they don’t need inheritance


  • New block – SVG Path Text
  • Ability to change size by simple drag in toolbar
  • Css styling compatibility with theme’s custom elements and content hooks (for Kadence Pro)


  • Option to set decimal points for Advanced slider option “number per row”



  • Option to convert Container with inner containers to Slider and back.
  • Drag position fix


  • Container width and height can be oversized
  • Better scroller for sticky panel TOC
  • Icon spacing for info and title boxes
  • New workflow to add position, spacing, transformations to blocks from toolbar



  • New video for animation addon. Pin Scroll effects
  • Added option to make custom prev, next buttons for Advanced slider




  • Added Telegram share button
  • Added Popup/Sliding panel is closed by clicking on background and some fixes


  • Clip path ID for images
  • New features for overlay hover effects for containers, buttons (circle clip, delays, custom hover classes). Explanation
  • Video block has updates with Background options, cover options, Mix blend features
  • Animation addon has new series of video tutorials. Added in Get Started section
  • Support for Blocksy theme Content block ecosystem
  • Global styles for presets are loading inline for better web vitals


  • More options for video block – object fit, background, mix blend
  • Margins can have decimal values


  • Fix for wrong styles on mobile preview for heading
  • Added option for toggle hotspot in SEO addon + ability to rewrite affiliate links in SEO addon


  • Added Typography styling compatibility with Astra, Kadence themes
  • Added Row variation – Section
  • Added text decoration parameters for Additional letter options
  • Added indicators for hidden parameters (overlay, text shadow, letter options)
  • Added new Experimental category to Ready library where we will add interesting complex layouts


  • Added sub headings to TOC
  • Added text border option to Advanced Letter options for typography
  • Added Mask text effects and skew options for Animation addon


  • Added Mix blend option (in Background section)


  • Removed extra spacing in blocks for Classic themes which have no 100% support for Gutenberg


  • Added new premium chat addon and some fixes


  • Added Advanced Text block
  • Added FlexBox variation for container
  • Added padding top option for smart scroll
  • Added Option for Close Intent for popup/slide block
  • Added Css transformation can have separate transition time for each transition option


  • Local font option is added
  • Paragraph tag to Advanced heading
  • UI improvements for inspector tabs
  • Greenshift preset option is enabled also in FSE editor
  • Some fixes


  • Template library is available also in FSE environment and icon was replaced by more compact
  • Added possibility to edit circle number of heading from editor


  • Added arrow size and carousel button border radius for container and row smart scroll


  • Elementor Slider incompatibility fix


  • REM units to typography and spacing


  • Added first release of Section and Layout library
  • Added option to choose custom font weight for typography without font selector


  • Added full width row pattern with heading and ACF support for Meta getter block in Query addon


  • Indicators for changed core panels which are closed on loading. Now you can see and locate easily parameters which you changed from default values


  • Container block can control number of columns for inner Query block


  • Container carousel has option to disable arrows after some breakpoint


  • Some improvements for slider and 3d block


  • Better Flip transition presets for animations


  • Added Inline width and box shadow options to heading block


  • Added lightbox to image block


  • Added option for auto trigger sliding panel/popup. This can be used to make auto enabled popups, dismissable notices
  • Added option to control Image design for core Query Loop block. Place it inside Container block and enable Query container option


  • fixes for some icons and sliding panel/popup block


  • vw units for spacing options, color option for custom shape in shape block
  • Better compatibility with WordPress 6.0
  • Changed svg shapes. Unfortunately, WordPress 6 version has changed the way for parsing svg, so, you may see “Attempt block recovery” on some blocks if you used Shape dividers. Just click to recover, this should fix block
  • Added demo page for all available blocks. Demo for blocks


  • TOC block has option to enable sticky panel


  • Sliding panel block can be used also for popup builder now


  • Sliding panel block uses click trigger for mobiles by default


  • Added 3d Flipbox container block
  • Added CTA banner pattern
  • Added Sliding panel block to make any kind of hover/click sliding blocks (side panels, dropdown mega menus, etc)


  • Added Social share block and updated 3d model library
  • Added Query Controller option to Container block. Now, if you place core Query block inside Container and enable this option, you can control borders, background, shadows, css transform of query items, scroll and you can turn Query block to carousel


  • Added Heading with circle number variation


  • Possibility to convert Core gallery to slider and slider to core gallery. This is big time saver when you need just image slider
  • Option to set default Row Content width. You can find it in Settings – Breakpoints


  • Shape Cover divider can be animated in both sides now


  • Reusable template’s ajax loader supports also animations now
  • Plugin blocks support usage with core containers of Gutenberg (Cover, Group)
  • Icon box has option for link
  • Refactoring in conditional style saving. Now, it’s saving only on Post saving click, this should improve perfomance in editor


  • Refactoring default attributes to simplify generated code in editor
  • Added option to exclude some headings from TOC
  • Some UI improvements for global parts


  • Css grid container block
  • Better UI to control css grid options
  • More patterns


  • Flexible content option in Containers have possibility to use CSS grid


  • Custom svg shape supports gradients


  • Shadow options for Advanced List


  • 3d options for Css transform


  • Custom control option for Slider block


  • Swiper slide updated to latest version


  • Highlight option and Image mask for Advanced Heading Block


  • Hover trigger class option for Infinite CSS animations


  • SVG Shape block has possibility to add custom SVG code now


  • Added options for infinite CSS transitions
  • Added In-view transition for Overlay background for animation addon


  • Fix for Reusable Template perfomance in some scenarios


  • TOC block fix for 5.9.3 wordpress version


  • Container width fix for Editor and new videos for documentation


  • Added Custom Svg border options for Icon pickers and UI improvements


  • Added Get started videos


  • Added Slider Link for carousel/slider module


  • Backdrop filters for Overlay to make glass effects


  • Text wrap option for typography


  • Full height option for Row


  • Duplicate latest item possibility for Advanced lists. Now, it’s more easy to make long lists with custom icons, like Pros and Cons


  • Minified JS for better perfomance on frontend


  • Smart loader option for Slider block


  • Better Advanced heading Elements (vertical align, Fill color for heading circles)


  • Css dynamic transition class option for Css transform (for building custom animations based on dynamically added classes)


  • Fixed heading circle
  • Slider module has Linear transition. If you enable freemode, autoplay, loop and this transition, set autoplay delay as 1, you can get infinite scroll effect

  • Column order for separate resolution
  • Typography hover option and custom hover class for background

  • Added Vertical align option to Advanced list

  • Added selector for heading tag in TOC module, fix for empty shadow and inline lists

  • Added link hover transitions to Typography library and some fixes

  • Align option to header toolbar
  • Support for Presets inside FSE editor
  • Advanced lists have option for right icon and inline style

  • Link option to advanced lists

  • Added option to set different position type values per resolution

  • Added option for rounded box icon in Advanced lists

  • Critical update. Improvements in post style loading. Better to resave posts with blocks (not required)

  • Added custom hover class option for typography and icons

  • Small fix in animations

  • Added carousel option to smart scroll for Container and Row

  • Css transform has hover option for hover class trigger (to use parent block hover effects)
  • Added Text shadow effect up to 3 shadows, this allows to make 3d shadow effect. Added 3d shadow preset
  • Completely overwriten Overlay options and added Focal point chooser for Background images
  • Added Hover effects for Overlay options

  • Scrolling option for Row (turn regular columns to scrollable carousels)
  • Improved Advanced Lists (Option to set List item spacing, more margin for trash icon to prevent accidentally removing item)
  • Option to save styles in block (General settings of plugin – Save CSS)

  • Added Fluid Typography support for Global Presets

  • Added Gradient presets to backgrounds and typography panels
  • Added Fluid Typography options
  • Added Numbered circle options to Headings


  • Added Advanced Button Block


  • Added Option to add Links and Hover links Colors in Typography library
  • Added Option to use unlimited nested Rows
  • Added Reusable Template section and convertation of reusable blocks to shortcode
  • Support for header links in TOC


  • Added Rotation option to all Icon elements


  • Added custom anchor option to Advanced Heading, Container, Row and support for Advanced Headings in TOC


  • Added better inline SVG code loader for icons


  • Added Variable width option for Column and Containers, Column styles are improved
  • Added padding option to toolbar


  • Added Presets for Global Options area


  • Better selection borders in editor, improvements in Shape divider


  • Safari browser compatibility, better Icon list color management


  • Added Shift X and 3d Rotate to Css transforms
  • Margin control to Toolbar of blocks


  • Added Separator to Advanced Heading